Birdwatching Holland

Visiting The Netherlands / Holland? Set out birding with an experienced guide.
He knows the birds, he knows the places, he knows how to get there.



The choice of the excursion area (s) that we will be visiting, depends largely upon your own wishes and the weather circumstances . Nevertheless you can find some suggestions below.

Excursions normally start at 08:00 a.m. and end at about 05:00 p.m. If you are staying in or near Amsterdam, you can be picked up there at 08:00 o'clock and brought back again at the end of the tour. When using my car, free coffe, tea and traditional Dutch cookies are included.

During the excursion a telescope is available (Kowa, 50x80), and also a Dutch and English copy of the best bird book     for Europe: Lars Svensson’s ‘Collins Bird Guide’.

Your wellington boots can sometimes come in handy but are barely necessary.

possible excursions


northern coast

pier IJmuiden

shore & pier IJmuiden


Texel by car

Long-tailed Tit

around Amsterdam

Oostvaarders Lakes

Oostvaarders Lakes

Barnacle geese

wintering geese & swans


Neither observations made in the past nor expectations created by this program are a guarantee that future excursions will provide the same or comparable species or numbers of birds. The excursions offered are partly dependant on circumstances and situations beyond the control of the leader, such as traffic, weather, bird behaviour and third parties involved. The organisation cannot be held responsible for the aforementioned circumstances.

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