Birdwatching Holland

Visiting The Netherlands / Holland? Set out birding with an experienced guide.
He knows the birds, he knows the places, he knows how to get there.


about me

My name is Emile Dirks (1956). I am an early retired teacher and I live in the city of Zaandam, a suburb of Amsterdam. With more than 35 years of experience, I think I'm a well trained birdwatcher. In my spare time I lead excursions for single birders and for your own private group of up to 4 persons. For the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds I developed and led birdwatching tours abroad. Since 1995 I've been a member of the board of the Dutch Foundation for Birding Tours (Stichting Vogelreizen). I developed and lead tours to: Florida, Southern Texas, North-eastern Spain and the Pyrenees, Farne Islands, Helgoland, Lesbos, Eilat/Israel, Portugal, South Africa, Northern Norway and Lapland/Finland. And of course to various desitnations in Holand / The Netherlands.

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Emile Dirks