Birdwatching Holland

Visiting The Netherlands / Holland?

Set out birding with an experienced guide.

He knows the birds, he knows the places, he knows how to get there

Dear birdwatcher!

I am pleased to introduce you to the friendly rated guiding services that I offer to birders who visit The Netherlands / Holland and stay in the Amsterdam area. If you have one or more free days, take advantage of it and explore the beautiful birding hotspots of our country.

Attractive birdwatching areas
The north-western part of Holland is blessed with many Nature Reserves and National Parks of international Ramsar-importance. Within a 90 minute drive from Amsterdam lie attractive birdwatching areas, all with a differing character: tidal mudflats, beaches, bays and dunes, brackish and fresh water ponds and lakes, marshes, peatbogs and woods. All of these areas lie along the North Sea, Wadden Sea and IJssellake and are mainly IBA-wetlands.


Good birding opportunities year round

Generally speaking spring migration starts in March. At that time there are still a lot of species present wintering in the Dutch lowlands. Some of these species stay until May or even June, before departing for their arctic breeding grounds. Most of our migratory breeding birds arrive in April and May from Africa or southern Europe. Courtship display starts immediately and can last well into July. Groups of adult and young birds gather in suitable (wetland) areas. In July and August the autumn migration from the north slowly begins to start. The Wadden Sea and the Oostvaarders lakes step by step become populated by large numbers of waders of many different species.

Autumn migration is at its peak in September and October. November is a window to the winter. In that period, that can last well into March, many West-Palearctic species of geese, ducks, raptors and finches of boreal and arctic origin pass their time in our region, mainly in wetland areas.

Leisurely trips for all birding levels

My aim is to help you see and enjoy birds, and to have a leisurely, happy trip – with enough flexibility for the real keen birder to be well satisfied. Beginners will find help on hand on their excursion. For the more experienced birders there are always exciting discoveries to be made. I do hope that you can find an excursion suited to your wishes and possibilities. Our birds are waiting for you!

Emile Dirks
Private Birdwatching Guide