Birdwatching Holland

Visiting The Netherlands / Holland? Set out birding with an experienced guide.
He knows the birds, he knows the places, he knows how to get there.



rate first person for one day
rate each additional person of your own party (total max. 4)

EUR 59,-
EUR 15,-

extra costs if we use my car for the excursion:

island Texel* by car (vehicle ferry ticket to the island not included)
shore & pier IJmuiden
Oostvaarders Lakes / Flevoland
wintering geese & swans Friesland
around Amsterdam
northern coast of the province of North Holland

EUR 55,-
EUR 35,-
EUR 55,-
EUR 75,-
EUR 35,-
EUR 40,-

All prices are per day. An estimation of the costs for a longer-than-one-day trip can be made.

What is included:

  • services of an experienced birdwatcher and tour leader
  • driving by the guide, unless you want to drive your own car
  • free coffee and tea plus Dutch cookies (when using my car)
  • free pick up in Amsterdam or at Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport

What is not included:

  • lunch: you can take a (packed) lunch from your hotel, we could stop somewhere and buy food or we could have lunch in a restaurant,
  • vehcile ferry tickets to the Island of Texel,
  • accommodation: it is presumed that you already stay somewhere in or around the city of Amsterdam. Accommodation on the island of Texel can be arranged.
  • if applicable: overnight stay(s) of you and your guide, plus his meals (breakfast + dinner) and ferry ticket to the Island of Texel.

Credit card payments are not possible, only EURO banknotes.

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